TEGADERM 4X4.74 (10/PK)

Transparent Film Dressing 3Mâ„¢ Tegadermâ„¢ Rectangle 4 X 4-3/4 Inch Frame Style Delivery Without Label Sterile

Article number: 001651
Quantity: 20


  • 3Mâ„¢ Tegadermâ„¢ Transparent Film Dressings can be used to cover and protect catheter sites and wounds, to maintain a moist environment for wound healing, and to secure devices to the skin
  • Provides a waterproof, sterile barrier to external contaminants including liquids, bacteria and viruses
  • Gentle to the skin, yet holds catheters and other devices in place
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Picture-frame delivery makes accurate placement easy
  • Stretch and release removal prevents skin irritation