Suction Cath 14fr

Kendall Suction Catheter with Safe-T-Vacâ„¢ Valve, 14Fr

Article number: 001991
Quantity: 7

Staggered Eye, Straight Pack, Latex-Ffree

Kendall Suction Catheter with Safe-T-Vacâ„¢ Valve features a chimney style valve that has a large opening on the control vent, minimizing residual suction. Utilizes angled whistle tip for adult sizes (10 Fr to 18 Fr) and the smooth, atraumatic DeLee tip for pediatrics (5 Fr to 8 Fr).

  • Kendall Suction Catheters with Safe-T-Vacâ„¢ Valve is sterile, single-use, and disposable.
  • Plastic-glide finish to minimize friction and facilitate secretion removal.
  • Staggered and opposite eyelets.
  • Provides high airflow and efficient suctioning.


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