Coronavirus Information


Here at Atlantic Healthcare Products, YOU are the most important asset to us. Therefore, during the Covid-19 Novel Coronavirus pandemic we are taking steps in-store and through our online shop to properly protect and serve you as best we can. These steps in-store and through our online store.

In our store locations:

  • We are now closing at 5 p.m. to facilitate more effective store cleaning.
  • We are suspending our fitting services including compression and orthotic bracing.
  • We are limiting our showroom to 6 guests at any given time. 
  • We are also doubling any date on our return policy.


Through our online store and deliveries:

  • We are ensuring a clean environment in packaging and delivery.
  • We are practicing proper self-isolation practices.
  • We are wearing face masks and gloves for your, and our, protection.
  • We are delivering our packages to your door, with a phone call beforehand.



Our goal is to help combat the Coronavirus and slow its spread while also being able to serve you, our customers, and deliver the equipment and supplies that you need in this time.

We ask that you also practice self-isolation for the time being and only go out in emergency. Together, as a community, we can stop the spread of the Coronavirus and ensure the safety of each other.