Vehicle Lifts

Atlantic Healthcare Products and Medical Supply

will help you take advantage of the benefits of selecting a new mobility vehicle lift:

  • Scooter lifts and wheelchair lifts can be used with nearly all makes of cars, SUV’s trucks and vans
  • Inside vehicle lifts mount to the interior of your vehicle and lifts your scooter, power chair or wheelchair inside your vehicle
  • Outside vehicles lifts simply attach to an approved trailer hitch on the rear of your vehicle. This type of vehicle lift allows you to drive your mobility device onto the lift platform and then strap it down securely
  • The hybrid vehicle lifts are a combination of both inside/outside vehicle lifts. These mobility lifts are mounted inside your vehicle with a platform designed to move outside for loading and then mechanically loads the mobility device inside.
  • Mobility Vehicle lifts are available as manual or motorized depending on the models
  • Vehicle lifts can be easily installed on most cars, SUV’s trucks and vans
  • Medicare may be available to cover some of the cost of a scooter lift or wheelchair lift

Atlantic Healthcare Products and Medical Supply:
-Supplies the top brands in vehicle lifts
-Have a certified team of trained technicians that are dedicated to make sure all equipment is maintained according to manufacturer’s specifications
-Work with you to make sure equipment works to the best of its ability
-Offer additional services as needed to troubleshoot pre-owned devices


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