Compression Stockings



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Our Compression Stocking Specialists provide expert advice on the selection of Compression socks, hose, stockings and custom fit compression sleeves.


We encourage our customers to take advantage of our knowledge and experience to learn how to:

  • Choose the best compression pressure for your needs.
  • Choose the best style for you, open toe socks, calf high, full lower body and arm or full arm styles.
  • Don your new compression socks or sleeve using special gloves or devices or nothing.
  • Doff the compression socks or sleeve at night.
  • Use proper wear schedules.
  • Care for your garment or orthotic brace.


Soon to Come - Online Ordering for Compression Stockings.

Easy Re-Ordering.  


Our on-staff team of Licensed Orthotic Bracing Fitter Assistants are state of Florida Licensed and are able to give you professional, expert advice about the best splint or orthotic to fit your needs.  


We pride ourselves on having most items in stock, which allows us to immediately fit most customers with the compression socks or compression sleeves they need.