ComfortFull 2 Full Face CPAP Mask W/Headgear MD

The ComfortFull full face mask has always been popular for those who breathe through their mouths or those with mustaches. Now the ComfortFull 2 improves on many aspects of the earlier model, especially the design of the cushion and forehead assembly. As

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Cushion surface is "polished" to better adhere to the skin and be less likely to leak.Cushion and frame are one piece for an overall lighter mask weight and easier cleaning. Forehead assembly has been redesigned for easier adjustment and forehead pad is a single broad cushion instead of two. Both offer a more secure and stable fit. Entrainment valve opens if pressure drops to 3cm or lower to allow breathing of room air. Swivel assembly moves much more freely than the earlier model. Quick release is easier with ball and socket headgear clips and a built-in hose release.

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